Multi-Person Pose Estimation in TensorFlow lite

I plan to use TensorFlow lite pose estimation on Android.

I inquire if Multi-Person Pose Estimation is possible instead of Single-Person Pose Estimation.

In TensorFlow.js, I can choose between Single-Person Pose Estimation and Multi-Person Pose Estimation.
Multi-Person Pose Estimation related functions and APIs cannot be found in TensorFlow lite.

I would appreciate it if you could tell me how to use the Multi-Person Pose Estimation function and API in TensorFlow lite.

Hi @hssplus ,

Can you provide a link for TensorFlow.js where there is multi person pose estimation?

@yuhuichen1015 might know this one
Was the multi person MoveNet published for TFLite?

Thanks Luis for looping me in. The Movenet.Multipose model is not yet published on TfHub but we are actively working on it. We would like to release it along with an example app so that it is easier for people to adapt. Will keep people posted here when it is available.