My custom audio classification keeps stopping on android studio

Hello, im created my custom model about dog sound audio classification, i already convert the model into tflite format. In this case, i used the official tflite audio classificaion from the documentation that given by the tensorflow website, but somehow, everytime i run my model, it always shows that the app keeps stopping or crashing, here is the screenshot

And for the logcat i will show it here

i’m having a dead end facing this error, i will apriciate if you help me with this error, thankyou very much!

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i added metadata about that error, and now i think that error i resolved because it didn’t show up when i run it but, another error shows up it something like this

Fatal signal 8 (SIGFPE), code 1 (FPE_INTDIV), fault addr 0x78d8ae85e3b7 in tid 31654 (dclassification), pid 31654 (dclassification)

Unable to open ‘/data/app/~~1jN8L5tHBxQfFeHdIjnMuQ==/com.example.mysoundclassification-K62TJbREpNmo9CUxohJGBg==/’: No such file or directory

how do i resolve this? i tried searching everywhere but i don’t find any solving solution

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