Need a beginner issue and some guidance to start contributing in TensorFlow

Hello Everyone,
My name is Akhand Chaurasia and I am currently pursuing Masters in Computer Applications. I want to start contributing in TensorFlow but I did not found any specific guidance for like how can I start to contribute. So please give me some guidance like how can I get familiar with the codebase of TensorFlow and I also request for some beginner issue to solve.

New contributors should look for the following tags when searching for a first contribution to the TensorFlow code base. We strongly recommend that new contributors tackle “good first issue” and “contributions welcome” projects first; this helps the contributor become familiar with the contribution workflow, and for the core devs to become acquainted with the contributor.

For more details please refer to Contribute to TensorFlow. Thank you!

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Thanks @chunduriv . It helps me a lot.

I have gone through the good first issue tag issues but there is only 1 issue and that too is very confusing like can you please tell me as if I do not have any knowledge of tensorflow and only I know is python so from where to start ?