Need to use Tensorflow GPU on Windows

Hello, I know that Tensorflow beyond 2.10 does not support GPU on Windows
However, my workflow requires a specific Python script with a .pyd file to work, and it depends some Windows-only applications and frameworks, and as such I am currently stuck on version 2.10

Is there a way to move forwards in my situation?
Thanks in advance

Hi @Carmatic_frua

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GPU support on native-Windows is only available for 2.10 or earlier versions, starting in TF 2.11, CUDA build is not supported for Windows.

For using TensorFlow GPU on Windows, you will need to build/install TensorFlow in WSL2 or use tensorflow-cpu with TensorFlow-DirectML-Plugin

According to the Tensorflow 2.11 release notes -

Windows CPU-builds for x86/x64 processors are now built, maintained, tested and released by a third party: Intel. Installing the Windows-native pip packages for tensorflow or tensorflow-cpu would install Intel’s tensorflow-intel package. These packages are provided on an as-is basis. TensorFlow will use reasonable efforts to maintain the availability and integrity of this pip package. There may be delays if the third party fails to release the pip package. For using TensorFlow GPU on Windows, you will need to install TensorFlow in WSL2.

last version supported was 2.10…current version is 2.14…so future of GPU support on windows looks pretty bleak…so either change to Linux or move to PyTorch!!!

WSL2, thats Linux…we are not talking about a work around here…one might as well have a cheap machine for Windows productivity tools and a Linux box for some serious ML or move to PyTorch…