Neural Network Training(back-propagation) in C++

I’m working on a neural network implementation in C++.
In Python, we built the model sequentially via keras.
I want to learn C++, is there any good example or explanation?
The TensorFlow C++ manual is too hard to explain, so it’s quite difficult for me as a beginner to understand.
From what I understand, in the first python, the form of the neural network is saved as a .pb file.
Second, learn C++. An example from this second part is desperately needed.
Looking forward to advice from anyone who knows or has experience. Thank you in advance.

It is really not supported/documented for end users.
You could check if this tutorial is still valid:

More in general, what is your use case? Why do you need to train the model in c++?

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@Bhack 's question is very important: what is the use case?

because depending on the answer, there might be easier tooling to use to achieve what you want.

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