Object Detection List

Hi All,

Just starting out and reading up on using a Raspberry Pi and Libcamera-detect.

I might be asking the wrong question, but is there a list of the objects that can be detected as with reading the following;

“This application runs a preview window and monitors the contents using a Google MobileNet v1 SSD (Single Shot Detector) neural network that has been trained to identify about 80 classes of objects using the Coco dataset. It should recognise people, cars, cats and many other objects.”

The above states that some 80 ojects have been trained to be recognised.

What are they, is there a list somewhere?

Refer this :-

This has all the detection model maps that are pre-trained on the different datasets. Look up the one you want. There you will find all the desired labels.

Hi! Here is the list COCO - Common Objects in Context !

(from tensorflow/tfjs-models)