Obtaining MIMO kinematic model (+ controller) using data-driven approaches

Dear all,

I am not sure if this is the right place to ask, but maybe because it is out of desperation :slight_smile:

As part of a project that I am developing. I would like to ask some questions about a rather “complex” problem.

1- Problem:

  • Let’s assume I have the kinematic inputs and outputs of a vehicle w.r.t time. The vehicle operates in one of two modes 1) Manual mode without a controller. 2) Path following mode. Unfortunately, the kinematics of the model is inaccessible, but from the behavior and pre-implemented software, I can deduce that it either behaves like a differential drive or Ackermann or a combination of both systems. The dimensions of the model are given as well.

2- So my questions would be:

  • Which method would be optimal for obtaining the open loop model from the data (during manual mode)? i.e which technique should I follow?

Can I get a function that represents the model + the controller from the data of the path following mode?

3- End Goal:

  • To clarify my intentions, I am just interested in the overall behavior of the vehicle not necessarily how the actuators are being controlled, so that I can change the general inputs (position, velocity, acceleration) and check how the vehicle would behave w.r.t the new inputs in a simulation.
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