One shot learning with Tensorflow

Can anyone suggest a good example for one shot learning model ?

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This will give you a good overview of the topic in different domains:

Then probably you could find something more specific for your application target.

Given that Siamese networks can work for one-shot learning (such as image recognition (Koch, Zemel & Salakhutdinov (2015), Jadon (2020)), maybe you could try adapting these Siamese net examples from the Keras community @fchollet:

Perhaps, @Sayak_Paul knows more about this.

In case you’re interested in few-shot learning examples, which are somewhat related:

  1. MAML (model-agnostic meta-learning): tensorflow-maml/maml.ipynb at master · hereismari/tensorflow-maml · GitHub

(from the MAML paper by Finn, Abbeel & Levine (2017))

  1. The Keras community created an implementation of a MAML-inspired method called Reptile here: Few-Shot learning with Reptile (cc @fchollet )

(from the Reptile paper by Nichol, Achiam & Schulman (2018)).

I don’t know your domain but e.g. if you want an high level API example for the object detection API in model garden we have:

For TFLite

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