Please add up to 5 min video tutorial on TF-gan library

I’m so stuck to learn the tfgan library please suggest me a simple tutorial.

Have you checked out these videos?

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This is not helpful for me. Do you add a new method of implementation as a beginner example. Just how to use TF-gan library. I can’t find any examples that show that how you can use TF-gan library.

@lgusm could you tag someone from the TF-GAN team here?

I’m so sorry. I can’t tag someone from TF-gan team. But please add the example that show how we can use TF-gan library. Thanks

I imagine you tried this one: gan/tfgan_tutorial.ipynb at master · tensorflow/gan · GitHub


(it’s from their repo GitHub - tensorflow/gan: Tooling for GANs in TensorFlow)

What are you stuck on? that would help others help you

Please can you show simple implementation of CGan or DCGan for the sack of how to use this library because I can’t find any docs.

I don’t understand the colab that’s why I want docs, to learn step by step process.

they have a full DCGan notebook on the examples page: gan/tensorflow_gan/examples at master · tensorflow/gan · GitHub

examples: gan/tensorflow_gan/examples at master · tensorflow/gan · GitHub

I think the documentation is the examples and the source code and the course that Sayak posted earlier

This example are not user/developer friendly. Please update the library and make them like torchgan and mimicry for easy implementation with out user/developer manual.

Hi! Thanks for taking a look at the TF-GAN examples.

Are you willing to make concrete suggestions about how to improve either the documentation or the video? It seems like the video and colaboratory notebook are exactly what you are looking for. Again, for ease of access, here they are:

  1. Introduction  |  Generative Adversarial Networks  |  Google Developers

  2. gan/tfgan_tutorial.ipynb at master · tensorflow/gan · GitHub

Joel_shor! I am asking for basic implementation of a simple gan algorithm. But I can’t find any valuable docs, and video. I also recommend let see this library GitHub - kwotsin/mimicry: [CVPR 2020 Workshop] A PyTorch GAN library that reproduces research results for popular GANs.
. This is too much developer and researcher friendly. Please make TF-gan like mimicry , because everyone will use them very simple and it will be more usable.

Please also update the tfgan docs and a video. A short video is very helpful that show that how you can use TF-gan library.