Problem about Copying the weight from pytorch model to tf2 model

I try to copy the weights from a pytorch model to tf2 model. I can successfully do the influence. I output the feature map to have a look. However, the feature map after a conv2d has black bars on the top and left hand side of the map.

The pytorch feature map does not have these black bars. The pytorch code of conv2d is nn.Conv2d(1, 56, kernel_size=5, padding=5//2) The tensorflow build is Conv2D(56, 5, padding=“same”)(inp) The copying weight from pytorch model to tf2 is :

    onnx_1_w_num =,3,1,0).numpy()
    onnx_1_b_num =

What is wrong? Thanks.

anyone can help? I have no clue for that. Many thanks!