Problem load model

Hello, I saved my model‘MCT_IP_GRU.h5’)

The file MCT_IP_GRU.h5 is in my directory, but when I try
model = load_model(‘MCT_IP_GRU.h5’)
model = load_model(‘D:\FTGM\TF\DB_FTGM\MCT_IP_GRU.h5’)
I got the following error:

OSError: No file or directory found at D:\FTGM\TF\DB_FTGM\MCT_IP_GRU.h5

Can you help me please?


I don’t see any issues with your code. As the error message suggests, no file existed at the given path.

Please ensure that the file is in the directory and also check if you have proper permissions to the file/directory.

Thank you!