Problem with installing tensorflow on Raspberry pi-Error:Tensorflow is not a supported wheel on this platfrom

I tried to install tensorflow on my raspberry pi using the instructions on this link: GitHub - PINTO0309/Tensorflow-bin: Prebuilt binary with Tensorflow Lite enabled. For RaspberryPi / Jetson Nano. Support for custom operations in MediaPipe. XNNPACK, XNNPACK Multi-Threads, FlexDelegate. I faced the error below: enter image description here These are some information you may need to help me solving this error:

  • OS:Raspbian GNU/Linux 11 (Bullseye)
  • Python 3.9.2
  • pip 22.0.4

Do you have any idea how I can solve this error and install tensorflow completely?


What is the output of the arch command in the Raspbian terminal?

The output is armv7l.

These wheels are 64bit only so if you want to install these you need Raspbian 64bit

I bought RP a year ago,So the arch is 32-bit.cannot install 64 bit on it.What about conda?can I install it using conda?

You could use:

This was useful!I was able to install Tensorflow Lite on my RP.Thank you!