Problems using make to perform a test

Hello everyone,

I’d like to start by mentioning that I’ve been learning TensorFlow on my own for just a week, so I don’t have much experience yet. I’m trying to run a test using the command:

make -f tensorflow/lite/micro/tools/make/Makefile test_hello_world_test

But every time I attempt to run it, I get this error message:

make: tensorflow/lite/micro/tools/make/Makefile: No such file or directory.

And then:

make: *** No rule to make target 'tensorflow/lite/micro/tools/make/Makefile.' Stop.

What should I do? Am I missing something?

Thanks in advice for your help!

Hi @filippo_ughi, I have executed the test_hello_world_test in colab and did not face any error.Please refer to gist for working code example and flow the steps in the gist for execution. Thank You.