Programming language for tensorflow

why don’t use cpp in tensorflow? There are many so many languages we are using like python, javascript even Csharp. so why with cpp any one tell that answer ?

Hi @Akash_Gola & Welcome to the forum.
Tensorflow comes with much more than a Python API: C++, the Java Tensorflow Lite framework, etc… And there is an active community extending/porting Tensorflow to their favorite programming/scripting language (see here for instance here ).

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Hi @Akash_Gola, C++ is more like a low level language that plays a crucial role in optimizing the usage and interaction with the GPU’s. When we talk about machine learningm we would need lot of libraries that cater the need for algebra, statistics & calculus. Tensorflow offers a few APIs to write code in C++. Please refer to this document to know about list of APIs available for implementation of tensorflow using C++. Thank You.