[Project] How to find Instance segmentation Model Zoo Repositories?

Hi there,
I am working on a project for instance segmentation using TensorFlow. The Professor told me to find github repositories that are model zoo for instance segmentation. It should work with TensorFlow and should have pretrained models. The problem is that I could not find model zoo, rather individual models.
How do I find github repositories that are model zoo for instance segmentation, and are compatible with TensorFlow? Besides links and resources, any further advices and suggestions are highly appreciated. Thank you
The things I tried so far:

  1. Google search of “instance segmentation github”.
  2. Search “instance segmentation” in github search bar.
  3. Asking ChatGpt and Gemini if it can find any repositories for me.
    I could find frameworks like PaddlePaddle , or supervision , or AdelaiDet etc, but they are not compatible with Tensorflow. They are rather standalone frameworks. I could also find repositories that were model zoo of instance segmentation, but are compatible with PyTorch. The Professor told me to use TensorFlow, not PyTorch.
    I have looked through around 50 to 60 repositories until now.