Quantization Aware Training using tensorflow_model_optimization

I am trying to quantize a model using QAT with tfmot. When I apply the function

tfmot.quantization.keras.quantize_model(keras_model), I get the following error

ValueError: Unable to clone model. This generally happens if you used custom Keras layers or objects in your model. Please specify them via quantize_scope for your calls to quantize_model and quantize_apply. [Unknown constraint: WeightClip].

The original Keras model uses a custom WeightClip as a parameter for applying weight clipping

Following is the implementation of WeightClip:


How can I make tfmot recognize the custom object so that it can apply a quantization wrapper on the model? Please let me know if anyone has faced this too.

Thanks in Advance

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Hi @Swaraj_Badhei, To make tfmot recognize custom layers or objects, you need to specify them via quantize_scope.

with tfmot.quantization.keras.quantize_scope(custom_objects):

For more details you can refer to this documentation. Thank You.

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