Question about using an alternative platform with tensorflow

Hello. Our robotics team is competing in VEX, and we’re looking to be one of the dominant teams this year in the world. One of our ideas is to use machine learning for numerous things. For now, we can handle all that stuff on our own, however there is one overarching question: will tensorflow work on VEXOS?

We were originally going to use this.however it has no documentation of any kind, and the comments in the code are scarce. I’ve been trying for two months to both build documentation and to actually figure out how to use it, he coded quite strangely (at least to my knowledge) and things are out of place, compared to where they should be based on other neural networks. Even input nodes, there’s no way to just set input nodes. The reason we were trying is that it was raw c++ with no platform specific things, and could run on VEXOS. We gave up on this though, and are now looking around. I just thought tensorflow might be able to run on it. Would there be any reason or indication that I wouldn’t be able to run tensor on it? Thank you for any help given.