Question Answering with Hugging Face Transformers on Keras Examples

I’m Merve, GDE in ML and I’m working at Hugging Face, a company that democratizes responsible open-source machine learning. :nerd_face:
At Hugging Face I’m focusing on contributing to TensorFlow Keras (though we are known for transformers, we host non-transformers models from various libraries as well). For this we’ve made a couple of integrations that help you easily push any Keras models with one line of code (you can see it in working group page). We’re demonstrating these and many other TF specific features in our new example we contributed to Keras Examples in, a tutorial on Question Answering using Hugging Face Transformers.

We host the model here with an interactive widget and a generated model card for reproducibility. I’ve also built this UI.
We have a Keras Working Group that works to improve the Keras ecosystem, we host Keras Examples and our own demos here. You can reach out to me if you are interested or for any feedbacks :hugs: .