Raspberry Pi build process broken

My apologies as this wont have the specifics it should as I’m pressed for time and it was a few days ago when I went through the process so some details are starting to fade.

I started here: Get started with the USB Accelerator | Coral however after getting to the part of installing ‘python3-pycoral’, I later learned that the hosted version of ‘pycoral’ is missing a function(s?)/methods necessary to run the example semantic segmentation script. It was at that point that the recommended solution was to build from source to get the missing functions/methods and so I tried to build from: “GitHub - google-coral/pycoral: Python API for ML inferencing and transfer-learning on Coral devices” which then led me down a different rabbit hole, where in the end the build failed with errors saying that such-and-such (more than one item) was listed more than once in the build files and thus couldn’t continue.

My question is: Is there a (current) guide anywhere that allows for the Coral TPU example scripts to be ran from a fully updated raspberry Pi 4?

EDIT: The missing module was ‘pycoral.adapters’ which this stackoverflow then recommended building from source: stackoverflow(dot)com/questions/67807906/installing-coral-edge-tpu-software-gives-me-modulenotfounderror-no-module-name (url butchered because there’s a limit on links)

Hi @IB_short Have you tried installing pycoral using Python 3.8, as the users suggest in python - Installing Coral Edge TPU software gives me "ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'pycoral.adapters'" error - Stack Overflow ?

Hi @IB_short which python version are you using? Can you try to install pycoral using the command below:

python3 -m pip install --extra-index-url https://google-coral.github.io/py-repo/ pycoral~=2.0
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