Removing the standard "hi there you are using tensorflow js"

Hi all!
I’m using tensorflow in my node js project, but the tensorflow node package isn’t working for me. The toxicity model completely works without it, but every time I load the project that’s using the model, it sends a sizable suggestion telling me how to install tensorflow-node and how to initialize that. Id love to get of this, as it clogs up my console for no reason.

The main issue is that I’m unable to find the literal string anywhere in the package or any of its files. I’ve tried Google, stackoverflow but nobody seems to be having the same question, so I landed here.

Hey Kit_er,

I haven’t worked with TensorFlow JS a ton, but would something like this work? Generally, with TensorFlow, you can suppress the log information by setting the level:

$ TF_CPP_MIN_LOG_LEVEL=1 npm start

You can set that value in your ~/.profile to avoid having to type it every time, too.

Hope this helps!

Hi @Kit_er. You can disable this log message by setting the PROD flag to true with tf.env().set('PROD', true);. Note that this will also disable all other logs and warnings. Sorry this does not appear in the documentation yet. We are currently working on adding documentation for TFJS flags to the API website.