Requirements for Tensorflow


Where can one find the requirements for Tensorflow?
For example, if i would like to know what numpy version that is needed for 2.7, where could i find this?

I have googled for a while now finding nothing and i think this might be information appreciated by many.



Select the release tag in:

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Hi @Martin_L

From TensorFlow

TensorFlow is tested and supported on the following 64-bit systems:

  • Python 3.7–3.10

Hope this helps!

Are you looking for Python 2.7 specifically?

Checked with @markdaoust - Python 2.x is not supported, as far as we’re aware.

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Python 2 is not supported.
It was in previous versions. The easiest way to check which python versions are supported by the pip packages is to check the downloads page for the version in pypi:


Thank you for your answers!

I´m asking about the requirements when i comes to packages (sorry for the misunderstanding, I was asking about the numpy version as an example).

I´m trying to make Tensorflow 2, Openvino, Depthai and OpenCV become friends and work together and its a bit tricky, partly due to all the packages that are installed and keeping them on the right version so that they work on all “major” packages and also to be on the right version to be able to convert files.