Retinanet with tensorflow_dataset example

Hi all,

I creat a VOC like dataset with tensorflow_dataset with this docu: Writing custom datasets  |  TensorFlow Datasets

Now I will use this dataset with the retinanet model.

exp_config = tfm.core.exp_factory.get_exp_config('retinanet')

I try to use this example: Image classification with Model Garden  |  TensorFlow Core

But its not really fits my needs.

Is there some other examples like: How to create a objects detection with model garden and tensorflow_dataset?

HI @Radianer,

Here is the tutorial for how to create a objects detection with model garden with custom dataset.This tutorial fine-tunes a RetinaNet with ResNet-50 as backbone model from the TensorFlow Model Garden package (tensorflow-models) to detect three different Blood Cells in BCCD dataset. The RetinaNet is pretrained on COCO train2017 and evaluated on COCO val2017

I hope this tutorial will help you solve your problem.