Review of legal documents in PDF - suggestion needed

Hello everyone.
I would like to set up model to review documents generated by legal dept. Would you be able to guide me where do I start and which tensorflow tools I should be looking at to solve below problems?

  1. Recognizing tables in PDF and checking if rows with total values are correct summing all rows which are above. Table are coming from excel and then pasted to Word file which is converted to PDF. I have to make sure that always rows with totals are correct.
  2. Date format consistency throughout report. Let’s say expected format date is December 31, 2022, I need to know if there are cases where date is in different format. I presume here I can use en_core_web_lg model and pull dates using DATE label.
  3. Company name consistency - meaning if in one place company name is EVENTS S.A. and somewhere else is EVENT SA What would be the best way to perform such check?

If my description of issues is not sufficient please let me know- I will provide more details.

Below is screen of tables mentioned in the first point with total rows in bold: