RFC: Establish SIG OpenXLA

Hello all,

We’re excited to share a new RFC to establish SIG OpenXLA, which is currently open for comment until July 25, 2022. Please take a look, and add your feedback inline or as comments on the pull request.

Summary: This RFC proposes to create a SIG to facilitate development of an open, state-of-art ML compiler, built collaboratively with ML hardware & software developers, using the best of XLA & MLIR. SIG OpenXLA will work to create an independent community and GitHub organization for the project, and intends to support most ML frameworks and hardware targets.


Update: We’re excited to announce that this RFC was merged, and SIG OpenXLA is launched! Thanks for everyone who provided valuable feedback.

SIG OpenXLA’s first community meeting is happening next Tuesday, August 9, at 9-10AM PDT. We were able to set up a GitHub Organization for the project, including an openxla/community repo to make our community meeting notes, resources and documents publicly available (and not blocked on gmail logins).

Discussions around OpenXLA will happen in our GitHub, to reflect the multi-framework nature of the project. You can still post your TensorFlow-specific XLA questions here as we work to migrate the existing XLA codebase over the coming months.

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