RTX A6000 and TensorFlow 1.13.1

My laboratory recently bought a new computer with an NVIDIA RTX A6000 GPU. We’re looking to use this GPU to train the network described at https://github.com/AiviaCommunity/3D-RCAN. The software was written in TensorFlow 1.13.1, which, as I understand it, is only compatible with CUDA 10.0. However, based on CUDA - Wikipedia, it looks like our RTX A6000 is only compatible with CUDA 11.1-11.7.

Can someone confirm that that our RTX A6000 is not compatible with CUDA 10.0? I’ve tried training the 3D-RCAN network with TensorFlow 1.13.1 and CUDA 10.0, but no GPUs are found. If the network is trained with CUDA 11.2 and newer versions of TensorFlow (such as 2.9), the GPU is located, but this introduces other issues which I haven’t been able to resolve.

Resolving the issues the network is having when running CUDA 11.2 and TensorFlow 2.9 seems to be beyond my skillset, but I would also be happy to discuss specifics with others who are more familiar with TensorFlow.