Saving a Object Detection API SSD in TF.SavedModel format

Hi All,

The “TF Object Detection API” has this colab:

That shows how to build & train a ssd_resnet50_v1_fpn_640x640_coco17_tpu-8 model using ducky images. The colab runs great, but after training, I wish to know how to save this model in the common TF.SavedModel format (Using the SavedModel format  |  TensorFlow Core).

I have tried using all versions of the ‘’ scripts, and everything gives the same type of errors:
WARNING:absl:Found untraced functions such as
WeightSharedConvolutionalBoxPredictor_layer_call_fn, WeightSharedConvolutionalBoxPredictor_layer_call_and_return_conditional_losses,
ssd_meta_arch_layer_call_fn while saving (showing 5 of 525). These functions will not be directly callable after loading.

It does produce a saved model, but the model is not usable, giving the error:
“Found zero restored functions for caller function”
When you try to use it.

Does anyone have any code that can be added on to the end of the eager_few_shot_od_training_tf2_colab to save the trained model in the common TF saved model format?

Any help would be appreciated.