Saving model permission denied

Hi guys,

I’m trying to save my keras model using

but it keeps saying that tensorflows permission is denied to the dir.

I’ve tried using the .hs5 ext also but doesn’t work.

any help appreciated, thanks

Are you sure you have permission to write where you want to write. I guess you’re on linux you could try touch /models/test_model.testfile this creates an empty file, just to see if that works

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I believe your should just be the folder path (without the .whatever).

@JMG no it also works when adding for example .h5 to the file name, then it will be saved in h5 format. So this hsould not be the problem here, I believe

I do have permission yea. I mean it’s just a dir on my local linux machine, so I would guess so?

Also, that solution might work, I don’t know. But I changed the path to just ‘model’ and it saved ok as a dir in my main dir. Like, before I was trying to store it in a folder but that seems to have created some sort of permissions issue.

I’ll try your solution soon and see if it works (since I also figured out I don’t have to train the model every time to test the save functionality :slight_smile: )