Should i learn Tensorflow?

I’m currently doing web development, it seems like the future is not very good. Do you think I should head towards the field of artificial intelligence?

I think in general you should pursue what you find fascinating and enjoy working on. Then, the question naturally arises whether you find AI/ML fascinating and enjoyable to work on :wink:
Therefore, I would suggest looking into it, reading some practical blogs and do some small projects.
From there, you can make a better assessment to ultimately answer your own question.


Yes, if you have an interest in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, then you should go for it. AI is one of the in-demand technology required by most companies with a handsome salaries. There are many AI ML courses available from many eLearning platforms.

I don’t think the future of web dev is bad. Why not doing both? See this old project but it’s quite fascinating.