ShowAndTell for TFLite

First, thanks for the forum. It was much needed :smiley:

Second, there could be another tag on TFLite.

Third, we have a TFLite working group that consists of ML GDEs, Googlers like Khanh and Hoi, and other community contributors that are passionate about the TinyML revolution. The working group has emerged to be one of the most active ones and together we have been able to:

  • Develop mobile applications that demonstrate best and advanced practices of TFLite.
  • Publish state-of-the-art TFLite models (from different data modalities) on TensorFlow Hub.
  • Write in-depth technical tutorials.

To better recognize these efforts, I think it might be a great option to also host something similar to what Jason does with TFJs ShowAndTell. Looking forward to hearing what others have to say.


Not able to include links in my post. But in case if someone is interested to see where we track all of the aforementioned efforts, go over to ml-gde/e2e-tflite-tutorials on GitHub.


This is a great idea, Sayak! It would be awesome to feature outstanding works from the TF Lite Community on a regular basis. I can support this effort if the team agrees to launch it.


I liked the idea too!
The TFLite community is doing some very cool things!

about the tag, that’s also a Good idea

last, about the link, I don’t know why you can’t add it but I edited for you, hope it’s not a problem.

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Probably because I haven’t been promoted to ML-GDE category while being one :smiley: Maybe one of the moderators could help.

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I like the idea. I guess the format is pretty open, so you just need to start hosting it :slight_smile:

You can even use MLGDE youtube channel for such content

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@Sayak_Paul sorry about the delay, fixed! I think I’ll also lift the restriction on links for new users for the time being since we’re still approving all signups. This is primarily a spam mitigation measure.


Thanks for the nice suggestions!

For the tags, it would be nice to have tags for TensorFlow Lite Micro and TensorFlow Model Optimization as well.


I think starting it from the official channels would help us to garner some initial recognition. I agree the format is pretty wide open.

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@Sayak_Paul I agree. And if it is not considered to launch from official channels, I think we can get some promotion support from Google Developers and TensorFlow social media accounts.

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We already have “model_optimization” and “microcontroller” tags. Just created a “tflite_micro” tag.


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