SIG Build Aarch64 Builds

SIG Build Team Focused on Aarch64 Build Support

Hi - we have had a series of meetings regarding community support for Aarch64 builds and Python artifact CI/CD pipelines following a shared document (link) – please request access if you’d like to contribute. This forum thread can be used to track specific topics surfaced in the document and follow on discussions, with a goal of trying to unblock contributors for build and testing of Aarch64 artifacts.


The document is protected.

Just to get some visibility on a new build breakage issue that was introduced just after our last meeting.

This may not even be AARCH64 specific but if no one else is running all the way through the manylinux2014 auditwheel repair step then it may not have been seen generally yet.

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Thanks Andrew, tagging @angerson for visibility if this is a manylinux2014 issue

Thanks. It seems to have been resolved by a commit yesterday Move to //third_party/tensorflow/python. · tensorflow/tensorflow@9575427 · GitHub

I have tripped some sort of protection mechanism and my posts are being hidden.

I wonder if I can get some guidance on the use of ‘-no_oss_py2’ in --test_tag_filters. This tag seems to be able disable around 1000 tests. However this tag only seems to be used in tensorflow/tools/ci_build/linux/cpu/, tensorflow/tools/ci_build/linux/cpu/ and tensorflow/tools/ci_build/presubmit/macos/py37_cc/

Should we be running these tests that can be disabled with this tag? On all test runs? Should we be disabling them on tests of mkl_aarch64 with TF_ENABLE_ONEDNN_OPTS=1? Should we disable them on all test runs? What is the expected usage for this tag?