SIG Build August Meeting: August 2 @ 2pm

SIG Build’s next meeting will be tomorrow, Tuesday, August 2, at 2pm Pacific time. Find the meeting details at, and feel free to suggest new agenda items.

Thanks for attending, everyone. Here’s a brief summary of this month’s topics:

  • The TF team is converting the official Python package builds & CI to use clang instead of gcc, for parity with Google’s internal builds. This will cause toil for community build maintainers who continue to use gcc; we will raise this to TF leads and see what they say.
  • TensorFlow’s tools/ci_build directory is difficult to maintain. We discussed options for handling this, including a nuclear one. No explicit decision made.
  • XLA, MLIR and LLVM integrations continue to frustrate developers with lengthy TensorFlow build times, and more requests were made for ways to alleviate this.