SIG Build February Meeting: February 1 @ 2pm

Our next meeting is today, Tuesday, February 1, at 2pm Pacific time. Find the meeting details at

I have another update on Docker, and we’ll look at the results of the when-is-a-good-time-for-the-meetings form, which you can still fill out: SIG Build Monthly Meeting Time 2022

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Thanks to everyone who attended yesterday’s SIG Build meeting. You can find meeting notes here: [Public] SIG Build Notes - - Google Docs. Here’s a couple of highlights:

  • All of TF’s nightly Ubuntu tests and wheels are now built and tested using the SIG Build containers, at the “nightly” branch.
  • Jason has gotten TensorFlow for ROCm to build on Gentoo, and is working with AMD to get it tested.
  • There is ongoing work across lots of different platforms from different groups – aarch64, AMD, Windows, etc. It’s very cool to see!

See you in March!


For Debian you could find an updated packaging progress at: