SIG Build May Meeting: May 3 @ 2pm

SIG Build’s next meeting will be tomorrow, Tuesday, May 3, at 2pm Pacific time. Find the meeting details at, and feel free to suggest new agenda items. We don’t have a lot of items on the agenda yet, so it may be a short meeting.

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A late summary for our meeting on Tuesday:

  • Welcome Rishika, a new TF TPM taking over for Douglas on the TF release and coordination. Douglas will be focusing on build collaboration efforts with other companies
  • TF 2.9 final release expected for May 10 at the earliest, 2.10-2.12 expected to conform to a quarterly release schedule with planned 2.10 branch cut date on June 28
  • More CI jobs moved to Docker, now investigating some issues like pylint inconsistency and missing results on commit status
  • TF team is choosing the right timing for the next CUDA update – maybe 11.8 since it coincides with new hardware.

The missing check results for the new “Py+Cpp” jobs are now back on the commit list: Commits · tensorflow/tensorflow · GitHub