SIG Build September Meeting: September 7 (today!) @ 2pm

SIG Build’s next meeting will be today, Tuesday, September 7, at 2pm Pacific time. Find the meeting details at, and feel free to suggest new agenda items.

I hope those of you in the USA had a relaxing Labor Day!


Thanks to everyone who attended this month’s meeting. Here’s a summary of some of the main points:

  • About 20 vulnerabilities are expected to be patched on top of TF 2.6; there will be patch releases for previous releases as well.
  • The DevInfra team is looking at bumping some dependencies, but it’s slow going because of how much testing is necessary.
  • manylinux2014 or perennial manylinux is a requirement for CUDA 11.4. The DevInfra team is working on this.
  • I’m looking at Docker containers again (finally!) and will be checking out the PYPA containers to see if we can use those directly instead of using our own custom toolchain, which we needed for Ubuntu previously.

Check out the notes, linked in the first post, for full details.