SIG TensorFlow.js meeting on May 11th at 6 pm PDT - an exciting announcement!

Hi TF.js Community!

We are looking forward to catching up with you in our next SIG meeting on Tuesday May 11th from 6-7PM PST.

We are really excited to present an overview of the new Task API and TF Lite model execution in TF.js. Based on feedback, we will allocate the second half of the meeting to discussion and Q&A. Joana will also introduce the new TF contributor forum. Please feel free to add any questions or topics for discussion to the agenda.

The meeting agenda, meeting calendar details, and previous meeting notes:

Shared drive for SIG resources and materials:

The meeting is open to everyone - hope to see you there,

Sandeep Gupta,
PM, TensorFlow.js, on behalf of the TensorFlow.js team