Skipping loop optimisation error in tensorflow_serving

Hi team,
I am getting the following message when testing a model with tensorflow_serving,
can u please help me debug and understand what it means

2022-02-13 23:20:52.460513: I tensorflow_serving/model_servers/] Finished adding/updating models
2022-02-13 23:20:52.460589: I tensorflow_serving/model_servers/] Profiler service is enabled
2022-02-13 23:20:52.461847: I tensorflow_serving/model_servers/] Running gRPC ModelServer at ...
[warn] getaddrinfo: address family for nodename not supported
[ : 245] NET_LOG: Entering the event loop ...
2022-02-13 23:20:52.463794: I tensorflow_serving/model_servers/] Exporting HTTP/REST API at:localhost:8501 ...
2022-02-13 23:21:14.903736: W external/org_tensorflow/tensorflow/core/grappler/optimizers/] Skipping loop optimization for Merge node with control input: StatefulPartitionedCall/StatefulPartitionedCall/Incompatible_Data_Type_6/AssertGuard/branch_executed/_539


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