Suggestions on the TensorFlow documentation regarding deprecated APIs

Pain points

The documentations of deprecated APIs mostly do not have the suggested new API in the front page. For instance, the commonly used tf.keras.preprocessing.text.tokenizer is deprecated as of TF 2.8 but it does not mention the suggested alternatives.

I searched through and figure probably the tf.keras.layers.TextVectorization is suggested? This is just one of the examples and there are tons of examples like this in the TF doc to be improved.


In the doc of deprecated APIs, suggest adding the link of alternatives so that users can quickly get to know how to update the code to adapt to the latest release of TensorFlow.

Thank you for reporting this issue.The API document has been updated in TF2.9. Please refer to the below note

Deprecated: tf.keras.preprocessing.text.Tokenizer does not operate on tensors and is not recommended for new code. Prefer tf.keras.layers.TextVectorization which provides equivalent functionality through a layer which accepts tf.Tensor input. See the text loading tutorial for an overview of the layer and text handling in tensorflow.