Tensorflow and CUDA support for latest NVIDA A5000 (Ampere GPU))


  • Tensorflow 2.4 and 1.15 support for NVIDIA RTX A5000 GPU.

I am planning to buy Nvidia RTX A5000 (Ampere Architecture) GPU for training models. However I am concerned if I will be able to run both tensorflow 1.15 and 2.4 model in this GPU.

I have read that Ampere architecture only supports nvidia-driver versions above 450.36.06+ and cuda versions CUDA 11.
Reference link : CUDA Compatibility :: NVIDIA Data Center GPU Driver Documentation
Since Tensorflow 2.4 can be installed with CUDA versions >= 11, I think this might not be a problem. However since tensorflow 1.15 requires CUDA 10 and Ampere cards does not support CUDA 10, I am worried if I can run my tensorflow 1.15 model.

Can you please help me on this.
I want to confirm if the RTX A5000 GPU will support both Tensorflow 1.15 and 2.4.

Thanks in advance!