Tensorflow certificate exam - tensorflow not working in Pycharm

I want to take the Tensorflow certificate exam soon, so I have downloaded Pycharm -professional version

I have a problem with importing packages though (this is a problem I do not have when using VS Code or Colab or Jupyter Notebook)

This is the problem:

Neither tensorflow nor any sub packages of tensorflow are recognised

Does anyone know how to fix this?

In case it’s any use, whenever I use VS Code for tensorflow, I always click here, on this kernel, for everything to work:

Perhaps the issue is related to this because in Pycharm I cannot choose that kernel?

To be more specific, if I click on “Configure Jupyter server” >> “Python interpreter”, the kernel I usually use with tensorflow (highlighted above in VS Code) is not even shown:

Hey @JaimeGGB

Did you install TensorFlow from the Python interpreter? I have attached a video below that will help you to set up Pychar for the TensorFlow Developer Exam. Good luck with your exam!