Tensorflow dataset scene_parse150 wrong server

Working on my MSc project, and planning on using the scene_parse150 tensorflow dataset.
The dataset doesn’t load though; I can load other datasets.

I edited scene_parsing150.py and changed placeschallenge.csail.mit.edu to sceneparsing.csail.mit.edu and the dataset loads correctly.

Regards, Nicolas.

Thank you for reporting the issue. I submitted PR to fix the issue.

There are more issues with this dataset.
Changing the server name to be able to download the files works, but the files are for instance segmentation, not semantic segmentation. This means that the first channel (R) is the class, and second channel (G) is instance #. (in the semantic segmentation all three channels are equal and represent the class #).
But also, there are only 100 classes in the annotations, so this is the instance segmentation dataset from sceneparsing150 (the 150 classes are the semantic segmentation dataset), and the classes are different (person is class #4 in the instance segmentation dataset, when it is class #13 in the semantic segmentation dataset)