TensorFlow Developer Stipend didn’t send me my Coursera Courses

I got approved for the TensorFlow Developer Stipend 2 weeks ago and am still waiting for the Coursera course codes that come with it. I have emailed Coursera Support and they referred me to the forum.

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Hi Andrew,

Welcome to the TensorFlow Forum! Thank you for contributing to the community.

For TensorFlow education program related questions, please reach out to the TensorFlow Certificate Team at tensorflow-certificate-support@google.com. Thanks!


Same problem Andrew.
Did you receive an answer from Tensorflow Support?

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Hello all,

I logged into the forum to write about this matter.

I received a positive feedback for my TF Developer stipend application. The email mentions that I should receive emails from coursera by the end of the next week. Which in my context meant the second week of June 2022.

I have made contact with coursera’s support regarding this matter. They couldn’t provide any help nor information.

I wrote back to tensorflow-certificate-support@google.com . If I receive any updates I’ll post back here.




I got a reply from the tensorflow-certificate-support. Couldn’t settle if the emails were sent and I didn’t receive them in the first place.
Anyway, I received the access/invite to coursera afterwards.