Tensorflow for digitizing handwritten and printed documents?

Hi, first of all I am not sure if this is the right forum for my question/queste…
I work at DigitalOcean. One of my customers is the Dutch National Archive who is in need of a proven technology to digitize their archives.

I read the following tutorial [How To Build a Neural Network to Recognize Handwritten Digits with TensorFlow | DigitalOcean] and was intrigued.
Could Tensorflow be the technology for digitizing old (handwritten and printed) documents?

Would be great if someone could point me in the right direction.


Hi Jacques,

Yes, you can build an OCR with TensorFlow
Here are some resources to help you:

Hi Luiz,

Thank you for reaching out to me, much appreciated. Being an AE, I am from the dark sales side and I lack the technical knowledge to dig deeper in the TF product offering, so it is hard to know what exactly I can propose to the end-customer.
Is there a sales (engineer) team that could get involved in my conversation with the customer to advise on the proper way forward?

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I suggest you to take a minimal overview on this domain:

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You could also be inspired by some quite vertical in production services like:


TensorFlow team does not have a sales engineer (as far as I know).
If your client is willing to do the ML themselves, you can direct them here too to get help when needed.