Tensorflow GPU in IOS

Hello, I have IOS in a MacBook Air with intel processor, when I running pip install with version 2.4.0 of Tensorflow. The response is “Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement tensorflow==2.4.0”, I understand thad this message is due to my GPU is not compatible in IOS.

There are a IOS machine who have a GPU compatible with tensorflow last versions?

What is the recomendation to runing KEras, tensorflow with this version?


Unfortunately macOS gpu support is not available.

You may want to try google colab which provides gpu implementation.


I have a MacBook Pro and I always use Colab to do my ML development.
When I need to process for much longer times, I use a notebook on my cloud (GCP) account.

The drawback is that I need to have access to the internet to work on this code. For my usage I’m super fine with it.

Thank Yasir, I gona try with google colab

Thanks Igusm for your advice

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+1 for Google Colab, saving data scientists across the globe :slight_smile:

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