TensorFlow.js at Google IO 2021 - come join the fun

Just wanted to give a list of a few not to miss events if you are curious about machine learning on the web. Without further ado, sign up to Google IO 2021 and add these to your agenda:

  1. TensorFlow.js Product Talk
    Get a high level overview of what TensorFlow.js is, how it’s currently being used, what’s new this year, our plans for the future, and how you can get involved with our newly formed special interest and working groups. This Session is suitable for everyone.

  2. AMA: Machine Learning on the web with TensorFlow.js
    We want to hear from you! Join our Ask Me Anything Session to meet with key TensorFlow.js members, get answers to questions, share your suggestions, or chat through anything else that’s on your mind. All levels of questions welcome.

  3. Workshop: Make a smart webcam in JS with a pre-trained ML model
    Learn how to detect over 80 common objects in real-time by using a TensorFlow.js pre-trained model in your browser to give your next web application superpowers. Walk through an end-to-end creation of a smart camera in this workshop. Suitable for anyone new to ML in JS.

See you there!


Very much excited to attend the TFJs Event at Google I/O 2021.
I hope more exciting features will be introduced at the I/O which will make TFJs better and easy to understand for beginners too!


Great to hear and of course see you there! Lots of exciting new content to be announced for our team so def check out our 15mins team product talk for updates!


Incase you missed the premiere, the TensorFlow.js Tech Talk update for IO is now viewable here:

AMA will be tonight in a few hours - seems it has sold out, but for those of you who did not register in time, you can still listen to us answering the questions live! If you did register however do add your questions now using the link in the original post and going to the Q&A.