Tensorflow Lite AAR 2.9.0 Android Integration

As per our requirement, I want to add TF Lite AAR file into our project.

So I have downloaded AAR file(2.9.0) from Maven repository and added to my project.Then I can imports the Interpreter and other required things, but when I try to build and run the project I’m getting InterpreterAPI class not found error like this.(please refer the screenshots)

class file for org.tensorflow.lite.InterpreterApi not found

If I add below 2.7.0 version aar files, I’m able to build and run the projects but those are deprecated, I want use latest AAR file only.

Can anyone please help me on this?

Note: I should use AAR only not gradle dependencies

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any update on this issue?

You’ll need to pull in the following dependency:

This is a new dependency we added into tflite since 2.8.

No, as per our requirement, we should use AAR only, not gradle dependency

Hi @Madi_TechApps

Check also this page and add the appropriate .aar file into the project along with the tensorflow lite.aar


I have downloaded AAR file from this repository only.
I was mentioned already on above description as Maven hyperlink

Just to clarify…Do you have inside your project
tensorflow-lite.aar AND tensorflow-lite-api.aar?


what is tensorflow-lite-api.aar?
are these tensorflow-lite.aar AND tensorflow-lite-api.aar not same?
if not please provide the download link for tensorflow-lite-api.aar file

FYI i’m using only tensorflow-lite.aar


No they are different!
Download the tensorflow-lite-api.aar file from the latest link I have uploaded above.

hey its working :grinning:
I have added tensorflow-lite-api.aar
thank you very much George

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