Tensorflow-lite build failing with qemuarm yocto

Hi Team,
I have been trying to build tensorflow-lite -2.6.0 version for qemuarm in yocto dunfell-3.1.15 version. What I can see is that it fails in xnn_pack building complaining the following. Please help me out on how this can be resolved
Dunfell version : 3.1.15
gcc toolchain : 9.3.0
Error :-

| {standard input}:4637: Error: selected processor does not support `vsdot.s8 q9,q10,d7[0]' in ARM mode

Though the same tflite version builds and works on qemuaarch64 as well as genericx86_64 in the same yocto version. Is there any patch that can be applied ?


Hi Team,
Any updates on this ?