Tensorflow Lite - camera zoom in?


is there a way to zoom in/out while I use TF lite on my Android?



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tflite is about using the ml on edge/mobile devices. Could you elaborate your issue about how tflite is related to camera zoom in for your use case?

Thank you!

Hello @L_P ,

Maybe WebRTC offer’s a way for Android, to zoom and pass the camera input …

You can access the Zoom Control via getUserMedia

Hope that helps in a nutshell

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I deploy TF lite in my android phone .
But my phone has 4 camera and I want to be able to choose which camera the TF uses. Bust most importantly I attach another device on the phone. Through that device (which is important for me) the image field is small and the detection does not work. I want to be able to zoom in (like we do with our two fingers) and also lower the brightness (is too high).
Do you think I can do that if somehow?