Tensorflow lite for microcontroller in C project

Hi everyone,

I would like to use the tensorflow lite for microcontroler library on a mcu nordic. I already have a c project.

So I compiled tflite_micro_main\tensorflow\lite\micr\tools\makefile.

I got the library in a *.a file. I then integrated it in the project via a linking. I added the following libraries:
#include “tensorflow/lite/schema/schema_generated.h”
#include “tensorflow/lite/micro/all_ops_resolver.h”
#include “tensorflow/lite/micro/tflite_bridge/micro_error_reporter.h”
#include “tensorflow/lite/micro/micro_interpreter.h”
#include “tensorflow/lite/micro/kernels/micro_ops.h”
#include “tensorflow/lite/micro/system_setup.h”

I got the following errors:
unknown type name ‘namespace’
expected ‘;’ after top level declarator

I know that namespaces are a C++ concept.
I am stuck for a long time and I need help.

If someone has an idea to use tensorflow lite for microcontroller ( and not tensorflow lite !!),

thanks in advance