Tensorflow lite for microcontroller in windows 10

Hi everyone :grin:,

I want to use the Tensorflow Lite for Microcontrollers (TFLM) libraries on the Segger Embedded Studio (SES) IDE with a Nordic nrF5 board.
I am forced to be on windows 10.
Python, Tensorflow are installed.
I did not find any documentation on TFLM to generate the library on windows 10, only on Linux with make.
So I installed make with chocolatey and then ran make as in the guideline:

make -f tensorflow/lite/micro/tools/make/Makefile TARGET=cortex_m_generic TARGET_ARCH=cortex-m4+fp OPTIMIZED_KERNEL_DIR=cmsis_nn microlite

But as makefile has linux commands, the make is a failure. :expressionless:
Then I installed WSL Ubuntu 22.04 on my machine. I also installed python and make on the WSL. This time, the compilation worked: I got my static *.a library from TFLM.
However, I work on windows 10 and as far as I know, I have to use *.dll for dynamic libraries or *.lib for static libraries, I can’t use the *.a . :thinking:

1- Tell me if I’m wrong ?

2- If it’s right, how to compile the makefile of TFLM on windows in order to obtain a static library *.lib ?

3- Is there a makefile for windows or do I have to redo the makefile ?

4- If I use Keil on Windows 10, will it work (get a *.lib)?

Thanks you for advance :pray: