TensorFlow Lite Model Maker

i have problems with installation this. i have tried with normal installation, conda but always have errors. Somebody has been installed this lib?


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Yes, currently there is an issue with the import of the lite model maker on Linux and Windows OS.

If you are trying to perform image classification, you can try out the MediaPipe Model Maker ImageClassifier API.

Thank you!

Hi, I am running the model maker. Can you share your specific errors?

i have code and run in colab, but i want to install model maker in ubuntu, the errors are requirements, numpy, tensorflow lite, version python. I have solved requirement by requirement and the installed message appears but I want to execute the code and it does not advance because it says that I do not have install model maker


Could you please try to use tflite-model-maker-nightly and let us know?

Thank you!